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PMR: The Premier Energy Broker of Choice

Power-Mark Resources( PMR) , the Premier Elite Power and Gas Services Broker/ Efficiency Expert serving Thousands of Small-Mid Sized Businesses across all regions of Texas from North Texas, West Texas, Central Texas, South Texas and the Valley- including businesses in every zip code where electric choice is available in Texas- including Dallas, Tyler, McKinney, Plano, Irving, Arlington, Grand Prairie, Mesquite, Fort Worth, Houston and surroundings down through Galveston, Corpus Christi, McAllen , Laredo, Brownsville to out West including Abilene, San Angelo, Midland, Odessa, Big Spring, Andrews, Snyder, Monahans, Fort Stockton, Pecos, etc. 

PMRs Elite Team of Advisors will see you Face to Face- not just a phone call or email . Our mission is get to know you, your business- and become your energy cost reduction advisor for the life of your business. Become your GO-TO- Energy Guy/ Gal- whenever you have any questions regarding your energy bills, additional meters installed, moving locations, adding locations, referring others you know, and more. We believe that IT is OUR JOB- and we take pride in servicing you all the way through the life of the contracted term(s). We watch the market for you- we keep our ear close to the ground for opportunities to jump on a dip in the market in advance- capitalize on utility, state, county or city tax rebates/ credits- and unique efficiency programs that may fit your business- and are proactive coming forward with various recommendations.

We do serve and have helped businesses, it seems, in every corner of Texas where businesses have had choice with their energy supply….  Yes- we also cover more than 35% of our 20,000 Businesses outside of Texas.
We advise businesses on their power and gas needs throughout the North Mid-West including Northern Illinois, Michigan( Yes MICHIGAN), Ohio, Indiana; Throughout the Mid-Atlantic including many businesses across the states/ districts of Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware, DC, Virginia;
Additionally- we advise businesses moving further North along the Atlantic throughout New Jersey, New York, concluding our US East Coast Presence through the core New England states of Connecticut Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island & Maine. 
Yes- we also do advise businesses on the West Coast in California & Oregon plus the western Canadian provinces of British Columbia, Alberta. 
The Brokers and Advisors are who the Businesses Owners/ Management are leaning on the most. In the Deregulated States- 85-90% of the business that comes through to the energy supply companies come in via the ABC channel. No Doubt this is a Fast Paced Exciting Growing Industry ( led by the ABC channel). 
There are only a select few who are adapting their models to where the business is heading- and yes- PMR Elite Energy Services Team are one of the rarities- the ones who GETS IT.
The upside is huge- and being with a company who has the relationships- and knows where to focus on- due to the sheer number of customers acquired- plus leadership with 40 Years combined experience in the Broker/ Advisor industry- who have helped tens of thousands of customers in so many states and provinces.
The ever evolving energy industry is moving fast- and landscape is changing by the day with so many opportunities to serve businesses in not just the deregulated states- and provinces. More financially feasible options available to lower Energy Costs ( with limited to no up front capital required) – reducing quantity of energy used- improving the efficiency of use of energy- reducing wasted energy. In many cases shortly after meeting with a PMR Elite Energy Advisor- we can help recommend even a few simple installations of technological upgrades that are proven to get returns in 3-5 years at the most- which have lifespans for decades and decades. This allows the Businesses we work with to take charge with controlling their energy costs in many ways- even when their rate tariffs are controlled by the government run monopoly utilities.
Think you are ELITE? Think you will meet the HIGH Performance standards to join the PMR Elites? Only the Top Performing ELITE Need Apply…. If you are one of THOSE? 
Now is the time to apply Online under Careers Tab for a handful of select positions that will OPEN up through the end of the Year.
If you are an Efficiency Company who has interest- apply as well. Our vetting process is stringent- but so long as you are a well established business focused on the efficiency side of things- well- there may be a match. We will be selecting 1-2 Elite Efficiency Companies per State/ Region. The details on this inside program will BLOW your MIND- and likely your business.
Power-Mark Resources has over 40 years combined experience in deregulated and regulated energy markets. 



Texas DFW Offices

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